Mode Technology Approach.

MODE is the patented and awarded powerful framework developed by Marconi; it combines all the strengths of the IT world with the real-time requirements of the AV market.

It is built on 4 pillars: Modular – custOmizable – stanDard – ultrasEcure


The network based on MODE is easily scalable; add devices to the network just by expanding its capabilities with standard grade networking equipment.


Personalize technological products has never been easier. MODE solutions are totally customizable in terms of functions, mechanical integration, aesthetic appearance.


Transmission of real time critical information like Audio and Video adopting pure standard IP networking protocols, completely hardware-independent. The result? An easy-to-install and maintain solution, also compatible with other AV standards present in the market.


All the communications in a MODE enabled network are protected by the highest and strictest security levels. A key-fact: bank transactions does not use such high level of security for their communications. The ultrasecure protocol is combined with a military grade protocol that ensures the retrieve of the data under any circumstance