Microphone Lift for Armchair – All You Need to Know

The Look & Style

The Marconi ML-S Microphone Lift is designed with utmost care and perfection to serve the purpose of a luxury, stylish and highly effective microphone lift. This microphone lift can be differentiated from others due to its unique ability to hide boundary microphones when not in use. To make sure that the moving microphone has a perfect mechanism, the plate has been designed and put to test multiple times by our team of experts. The team has worked tirelessly to ensure that the microphone lift for armchairs has an elegant and silent movement and disappears in an smooth manner.

The microphone lift has complete control over all functions of the mic, providing commands such as automatic muting as well as moving and storage options. Operated by a state-of-the-art version of the PoE technology makes this microphone lift highly effective, simple and compact. The main purpose behind designing such a product was to provide clients with utmost comfort to the point where even the installation of the entire system is extremely basic and time-effective.

The outermost housing of our microphone lift is carefully produced with the highest quality steel which is accompanied by an upper cover made from the finest stainless steel. Typically, the microphone lift is designed with a matte black finishing to provide an ecstatic look from the outside.

Usefulness & Purpose

The Marconi ML-S Microphone Lift employs a unique mechanism that conceals the whole microphone system into the armchair and only leaving behind a smooth top cover which has an interior light installed to indicate the microphones status at all times. Since the microphone lift is compatible with all kinds of gooseneck microphones, it is ensured that the mic is stored safely inside the armchair.

The main purpose and rationale behind the design of this microphone lift is to enhance the flexibility and comfort of individuals when speaking in a restricted environment or a closed meeting. This mechanism makes conference spaces much more comfortable for the speaker as the microphones can be controlled individually by each person using it. The ML-S can be paired with any audio equipment and will continue to provide only high-quality sound despite the mic being attached to an armchair.

Modes & Indicators

The ML-S can be essentially used in a simple mode or a more advanced, conference mode. The basic mode allows you to operate the microphone with the button on the cover late while an LED light will indicate the activation or deactivation status. Conversely, the conference mode will allow you to continuously use the microphone as it will remain active throughout while the LED light and button on the cover plate can still be accessed.