The S-PTZ Marconi Camera – All You Need to Know

In the modern world that we happen to live in, having eyes and ears everywhere has become almost essential. While commercial security is unique to every place that it exists, it must also be adaptable enough to suit the needs of just every industry there is. Due to this very reason, our expert developers invested their time and effort into creating the ultimate S-PTZ camera that is especially suited to suit all of your surveillance system requirements.

Production & Purpose

While there are multiple different cameras already present in the world, we created the S-PTZ to serve a unique purpose for itself. The functions and capabilities that this little device possesses makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in all kinds of industries. Most specifically, this camera was carefully designed to fulfill the needs of every business conference room to provide them with a fool-proof solution to all of their collaboration needs.

Since a PTZ camera is made to function with pan, tilt, and zoom features, they are much more mobile than the typical standing camera. Our S-PTZ is made to be fitted on a tabletop or on a ceiling where it can easily deliver its full purpose. When combined with a MODE27 multimedia device, the two can become a powerful collaboration solution that catches the video as well as the sound of an ongoing conference.

Our powerful S-PTZ camera has an adjustable software that can be programmed as a guard tour, track movement or even follow a specific person. Additionally, all movements of the S-PTZ can be controlled through the simple monitoring software controlled by MODE27 multimedia conference solution. Functions such as video conferencing, live production, collaboration capture, and even distant learning can be delivered fully by the S-PTZ Marconi Camera.

Usefulness of the S-PTZ

With our strategically designed PTZ cameras that are robust and climate-efficient, you can easily monitor your business conferences or convention centers. As a business owner, you can simply monitor the overall area or even focus on one specific area. A flexible and functional surveillance camera system like the S-PTZ allows you to gain full control of all your camera needs.

The strategically designed S-PTZ comes in a style that is elegant yet stylish and does not even appear like a typical camera. The sturdy design allows the camera to have a strong base that is extremely useful for keeping it safe against any harsh exterior influence.

The full potential of the S-PTZ can be achieved by fixing at a place where the camera can easily access all areas of the room. The fixed camera needs to ensure that all significant locations of the room can be easily highlighted and recorded. The camera can be fitted either indoor or outdoor, and will continue to provide the same amazing image quality, instant video decoding and the function to zoom in or out.