Marconi Tilting Tabletop: towards more collaborative and productive meetings

Marconi prides itself in combining technology and design. A room with a tilting tabletop offers an unprecedented outlook and user experience The Tilting Tabletop unit is a manually foldable display allocated for each participant, seamlessly flushed in the table, that unveil itself only when opened.

This form of setup eliminates the need for every person to bring a portable device into a meeting. With this, attendants are given their own personal screens where they can follow along with the discussion, share documents, and even put in a vote regarding a particular issue. Such a setup makes office meetings more collaborative and therefore helps toward increasing productivity and interactivity with a comprehensive multimedia system

The Tilting Tabletop can be opened to 135º and closed down completely. Being able to close down display units can provide more space for meeting participants. Such a setup also allows displays to be used only when needed. Furthermore, when in open position its surface is still aligned with the table surface, making the solution unobtrusive.

Why the Marconi Tilting Tabletop is a sensible solution

Meetings take place in offices all day. Agendas can range from simple announcements to complex discussions about projects. Whichever type of meeting is held, having all the right tools make discussions not a waste of anyone’s time. The Tilting Tabletop does just that by

  • Saving on space - no one needs to bring their devices into a meeting. With this kind of solution in the conference room, tables won’t look so crowded and everyone has some wriggle room for their arms and elbows. Even better, there is now enough space for everyone to make written notes on their pads.
  • Encouraging collaboration - everyone can look at the same presentation and give automatic feedback. This is particularly helpful when members of different departments are present. Problems can be easily solved when everyone has access to the needed information.
  • Allowing productivity to take place - a collaborative atmosphere is the path towards productivity; tasks are easier accomplished when everyone is involved. The Tilting Tabletop makes that possible by integrating technology into great design, resulting in meeting rooms that are conducive to sharing and collaboration.

Get Marconi’s Tilting Tabletop for your office

Marconi Tilting Tabletop unit is fitted with an HDMI port so users can display content onto the FULL HD 13.3” display. In combination with MODE27 the unit can be also equipped with a touch screen and release the true potential of a reliable, robust and innovative Multimedia collaboration system. Completing the features of this solution are the unlimited customization options, cover the surfaces of the Tilting Tabletop with wood, leather or carbon fiber to meet any kind of aesthetic requirement

Make meetings more collaborative and productive with the Tilting Tabletop from Marconi.