One of the most expansive opera house projects ever made, built between 2001 and 2004, the building was already equipped by Marconi back in 2006 with a text titling solution. System that has been renovated always by Marconi during the summer 2019. The concept of the title system installed at the Copenhagen Opera House comprehend one big master display, seat displays, long and stretched displays and wireless devices. The first project ever made where all such different equipment is required to work seamlessly in the same system. One large LED display installed above the stage with size of 550 x 100 cm is adopted to visualize the text in one or 2 languages and is driven by the Marconi Onstage software, the world most famous titling management solution. The big display offer good coverage throughout the hall but there are some seats where it is not visible, for this reason, displaced throughout Level 1-2 and 3, MODE23 unique stretched interactive displays and 19” ultra wide screen displays are deployed.

The seat displays were designed to match exactly the same size of the previous ones so the replacement was easy and immediate, for this reason they have a stretched shape, but instead of using standard sized displays Marconi had to deploy a stretched version in a 9” unusual format. Same applies for the 19” stretched installed above the Level 3 where the audience is at the very top of the music hall.

In addition to these wired displays, wireless devices were supplied. All the system is controlled seamlessly from the control room, the text received from Onstage software is perfectly synchronized among the different displays and the user has the possibility to verify at any time the status of the system using a useful synoptic map panel where it is even possible to visualize the languages selected from the audience.

Software features:

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