This brand new opera house located in Tongzhou in the very heart of the great city of Shanghai opted to equip the stalls area of the music hall with the latest generation of Marconi interactive displays of the MODE23 series. An highly customized solution was studied and developed along with Quinette Gallay, the seat manufacturer and Christian De Portzamparc, the architect studio who requested explicitly to drown the displays in the backrest of the seat where the user should not be able to see it when this is in standby mode, meaning that the LCD backlight was not to be visible even in the darkest environment.

Thin and curved lines of the seats allowing a very limited space for the display integration was the main challenge of this project. Marconi created a unique design for the Shanghai Conservatory of Music implementing top notch technologies in terms of hardware and software functionalities. All the MODE23 7” interactive devices were supplied all of them wired on a standard IP based network, maximum stability is ensured even if cables, switches or units within the system fails during a performance, ensuring continues operation of the system without interruptions.

The 7” touch screen devices allow the users to select their language to display the libretto text in real time while the performance is on-going. All controlled from Marconi Onstage, proprietary software, used already worldwide by the most experienced Maestros. The maintenance team of the theatre is relaxed since they have an easy to use technical interface in the control room where a synoptic map helps them to identify potential issues that are affecting the units.

Software features:

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