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Marconi Succeeds in Winning the Best of ISE 2019 Award!
10 April 2019
We are happy to announce this award that was presented to Marconi at the ISE 2019 tradeshow and hope that the attendees and people who watched the coverage were also wonderstruck by this amazing innovation in the field of AV.
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Marconi Tilting Tabletop: towards more collaborative and productive meetings
10 March 2019
Marconi prides itself in combining technology and design. A room with a tilting tabletop offers an unprecedented outlook and user experience The Tilting Tabletop unit is a manually foldable display allocated for each participant, seamlessly flushed in the table, that unveil itself only when opened.
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The S-PTZ Marconi Camera – All You Need to Know
15 February 2019
In the modern world that we happen to live in, having eyes and ears everywhere has become almost essential. While commercial security is unique to every place that it exists, it must also be adaptable enough to suit the needs of just every industry there is. Due to this very reason, our expert developers invested their time and effort into creating the ultimate S-PTZ camera that is especially suited to suit all of your surveillance system requirements.
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Microphone Lift for Armchair – All You Need to Know
15 January 2019
The Marconi ML-S Microphone Lift employs a unique mechanism that conceals the whole microphone system into the armchair and only leaving behind a smooth top cover which has an interior light installed to indicate the microphones status at all times. Since the microphone lift is compatible with all kinds of gooseneck microphones, it is ensured that the mic is stored safely inside the armchair.
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