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Swiss accuracy & Italian design

Our Story
In 2018 Marconi boosts its sales in Europe, middle East and Far East, confirming the good market appraisal of its products and technologies. Furthermore a complete line of products has been developed to enter in the sports arenas and collaboration markets.
Marconi Technologies develops a Modular IP standard, Customizable and Ultra-Secure framework able to transmit time-sensitive data like audio and video in real time over a standard IP based network.
The hybrid solutions created by Radio Marconi caught the attention of the Swiss government of Canton Ticino, which wanted to open their doors to innovative organizations; this initiative was meant to increase the manufacturing business in the technology sector. On the same year Marconi Technologies SA is born.
The innovation continues and so the challenges. The first-in-the-world Multimedia and Interactive solution is delivered at The Royal Opera House Muscat, Oman. One thousand and one hundred 7 inch Interactive units were commissioned and installed. This project enormously changed how the viewers now experience an Opera performance.
The company develops the SERIES800, the electronic libretto solution for large scale venues in the Live Performing Arts market; totally customized to be fitted in historical halls. The very first installation takes place at the illustrious Oslo Operaen with 1800 units.
Radio Marconi opens its doors. The company is active in the electronic field, specialized in the development and alteration of audio-visual equipment circuitry.
The combination of the Swiss technological accuracy and the Italian world-renowned design, created a powerful and unique multimedia system that is capable to satisfy the most demanding project and installation requirements.

Winner Innovation Awards

Marconi is constantly working to create something new and innovative, a technological emotion in design, colors, materials, and originality of our technical solutions, resulted in international patents and awards including the Cisco international award.