The conference module is required as the basis module for all MODE27 systems. It enables the interaction between the Server and MODE27 units, it stores all the information on user parameters and saved configurations and allows other system management settings like: language setup, API interaction with external control systems, unit settings.

Break the rules of the roles! With MODE27 every role is customizable. It is possible to assign different permission to each user.


The discussion management module shall be deployed when debate management is necessary. The system is highly flexible and offers all the features required to moderate a discussion.
The number of moderators can vary according the needs of the customer and the units can be configured to access their microphone or not. The module is directly connected with the LED of each microphone giving an easy-to-understand indication to the user whenever a microphone is activated or in a reservation list.
It is possible to set a maximum number of microphones that can be simultaneously opened and fix the volume of each one of them. Time-speaking, Priority, Clear requests and many other features are available within the discussion management module.


The voting and survey module offers an ultra-secure and reliable electronic voting system with parliamentary grade security level compliant technologies deployed. This module offers the maximum flexibility when it comes to the number of choices to be presented making it suitable for different types of voting polls: from 2 up to 9 choices available with the possibility to customize every entry.

The results are available on MODE27 units and on external screens (if present) simultaneously as a cake graph, furthermore a very detailed report can be downloaded and published by the system administrator.


The Document Sharing module allows an easy-way of enhancing the collaboration among the users within a system. The sharing functions is activate on the Server and allows the upload of an infinite number of files that are made available at the fingertips of each user, who can scroll, pan and zoom with the high resolution touch screen provided.

The protocol used to transmit the files in a MODE27 network offers military grade protection, the delivery is granted and in real time!


A MODE27 system supports up to 4 different authentication methods: via Smart Cards, Fingerprint sensors, Username and Password or the units can be configured to work in static mode.
This module enables the recognition of every user logged in the MODE27 units and loads the corresponding parameters settled by the system administrator. The identification relies on parliamentary grade ultra-secure data transmissions and the same are used to assure the voting sessions realized.
The system is un-attackable and incorruptible because of the high level of encryption provided. Smart Authentication on MODE27 is the safest way to identify users in sensitive environments.


MODE27 is born to be a multimedia system! This module allows the possibility to stream in the system any kind of multimedia source, made available on-demand on each MODE27 unit.

The IP based video streamed is available in high-resolution format; it can be live from external sources (cameras or video players) or files from networking video devices.

Stream audio and video signals with the maximum flexibility over a truly IP based network, no proprietary protocols, only standard and business-grade network equipment are required.