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Marconi Technologies is the leader in the Live Performing Arts Electronic Libretto market; our award-wining patented technologies were commissioned and installed on several of the most prestigious venues worldwide. The software convert the Figaro database.

Discover our complete line of system solutions available for full, mixed or partial installations.


Understand a performance is an essential part of a theatre emotional experience. Being able to retrieve information about the cast, read about the story’s plot, follow the lyrics on your preferred language; are some of the system’s interactive features that brings the viewer’s experience to a new level of connection. Beyond the program interactive information, users can also order drinks during performance breaks or even make reservations on nearby restaurants; thus creating a complete fulfilling theater experience.


Marconi has a great experience of working in collaboration with the theatres; deploying the best unobtrusive solutions to preserve the aesthetics and décor of the some of the most prestigious venues in the world.
Mechanical engineering and design, prototyping, perfect integration into seats, balustrades, rails and mounting locations are requirements to implement the best technological solutions. Our company customizes every project installation, carefully matching and integrating the system to the architect’s design requirements and architectural/historical constraints.


By deploying Marconi’s MODE27 systems Theaters have full control over the content displayed on all screens. The venue is able to draw the spectators’ attention by controlling what, where and when to display the performance’s contents exclusively. This is very important compared to a system that uses personal devices, which can lead to distractions and disturbing during a performance.
Thanks to our patented display filters, there is no glowing effect present in the hall. In fact, the Onstage Libretto Module software can automatically control all the screens according to the light settings.


The MODE27 system is a state-of-the-art multimedia solution capable to withstand the rigors of continuous usage.
Marconi utilizes the best professional touchscreen display technology in the market, achieving the best visibility while preventing undesirable glowing effect on dimmed light conditions.
Our principle is that a system must be reliable, strong, easy to maintain and scalable, while being beautiful and able to handle the most demanding multimedia requirements.

Software - Onstage Libretto Module

Marconi is the market leader supplier of electronic libretto solutions. The Onstage Libretto Module is adopted in the most prestigious theatres in the world (Royal Opera House Muscat, Wiener Staatsoper, Oslo Operaen, Linz Musiktheater, to name a few), and Maestros all over the world have been used it, since it has been developed with their precious inputs for their exclusive use.

The software manages multiple librettos’ databases and allows their creation, edit and storage. It is possible to import/export from/to the most famous formats like MS Word or Excel enabling compatibility with other platforms.

The cues are able to be send to multiple display types simultaneously. Connect Marconi multimedia devices, sur-title screens, repeater displays, and wireless devices; or for example, send the text in video format to a broadcast feed thus incorporating the libretto into a streaming platform.

Onstage supports every language characters while enabling the simultaneous display of multiple languages at the same time.

Marconi - Synoptic

  • A synoptic map is a layout that reflects the actual position of the multimedia units in the room
  • Access the synoptic map from any device to control several functions: units diagnostic, languages selected, units status
  • Synoptic used as powerful diagnostic tool to verify the status and connection of each unit. An exclusive Marconi KA algorithm is used to


  • Be able to create, edit and storage Librettos
  • Ability to Import / Export libretto files in the most common formats like MS Word or MS Excel
  • Option to insert comments visible only to the operator
  • User friendly interface thanks to the intuitive, easy to navigate Electronic Libretto software
  • Full language character set included in the system, to display any language to each individual unit
  • Operators have control to navigate between the cues
  • Panic mode, to send a blank cue if the Maestro has any issue during the performance
  • Display text cues on multiple display formats simultaneously
  • Automatically adjusts the displays’ brightness level when the performance starts
  • Modify the font size and set the number of lines visualized on each different display types and formats
  • The software accept and convert the Figaro database